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Shipping & Returns

What is the return policy, exchange and return?

But if you need to re-purchase specifications. as long as you used to pay for products, transporting and selling products, you legerdesstijls.nl. Returns must be made within 28 days of receipt. If the full performance of the product or the packaging is damaged, we have the right to return ?? group.

If the product is defective or damaged vehicles, our main mission, returned. Product sales of our products to the European Union the same standard remote payment, in accordance with one of the original shipping trade will be compensated, but not going back, the cost of goods can be returned. transport documents and customs, as well as to keep the details of the tax clearance certificates. Prior to this, then please return the products in question are allowed to be acceptable to customers.

* It is only otherwise we will be in the proportion of a network failure or loss, if the cost of transport.

How can return the product?

You can return the unwanted items through the post office. Return to the implementation of the international order, we can be for companies, hotels, family hotels, storage and moving company this task, the destruction of the product Please note that there is no guarantee, even if his name.

order for a refund, follow these steps:

1. If the product is defective or damaged, the customer service, before obtaining a license for these products, please send an e-mail back to ?? return.
2. Packaging products in the original package
3. compensation, divorce, and the package is approved for your brand, depending on the return package.
4. The back of the label on the outside.
5. Local mail and parcel post.
We source goods transport costs and local postal authorities will refund the cost of 7.50 pounds, the highest price returns. Products for the European Union, you can maximize the value of distance,
transport Sell return to this Regulation should return the product in accordance with our compensation, but it will terugbetalen lower cost of goods. transport documents and customs, as well as to keep the details of the tax clearance certificates.

Defective or damaged, or if we will proportions * We will refund only the cost of transport.

How much time is necessary to process my return?
After we receive a refund for all your deposits, to handle all back to you within 24 hours. You will be able to pay "update e-mail must be completed in five working days to return the refund will be processed within five days, some banks may not be required to pay.

If you can not return your payment "to get 10 e-mail updates, please contact our customer service department.